Who doesn’t want to come home to clean floors every day? I would guess that everyone does, hence the popularity of the iRobot. The little guy that tirelessly works all day to clean your house when no one is looking. Sounds too good to be true? Well, I think that depends on who you ask and what they put the little guy through.

First let’s put things into perspective. The average vacuum BAG is twice the size of the entire iRobot, not to mention the size of its receptacle. If the average person with a regular ole vacuum who uses it once a week has to service it lets say every three years. Than how long can we expect a battery powered miniature vacuum to last without service of some kind? A lot of reviews that I have read take serious issue with the longevity of the iRobot.

Are they worth buying? Keep in mind you are asking a vacuum one tenth the size of a normal vacuum (I’m being generous) to do the same job. It is convenient to go to work and have a portion of your floors cleaned. If you are a single and live in a small apartment that you share with a cat or dog, then sure. If you have a 2,500 sq. ft. ranch than no. Below I will leave a good and bad review that I found helpful. If you want more than just your floors cleaned when you get home call Exceptional Cleaning or visit us on the interwebs at www.atlantaexceptionalcleaning.com.


The Good

Love that I don’t have sweep daily…. I only spot sweep maybe once a week. It cleans very well. I can set it to run when I am not there, too. It really is amazing. Cons- it’s expensive, the compartment that holds the dirt is small… need to change daily. It gets stuck between the floor and cabinet edge sometimes so I come home and need to move it. Sometimes it can’t find its “home” charging station. It is a little loud, too. Over all with five pets and children I highly recommend it.

Courtesy of my sister in law

The Bad

In theory, great idea. Who wouldn’t love an automatic vacuum cleaner that cleans for you and you never have to think of doing it on a regular basis? However, this thing is terrible and such a headache. Before it turns on, I have to literally go from room to room removing any possible small items it may get stuck on. I have to close all the kids rooms b/c they have so many small toys that would demolish the Roomba. I have to close my room off b/c I have too many cords from charging devices that might get sucked up and render the Roomba useless.

I thought I did a good job today of “Roomba proofing” my house, only to hear it stop 5 minutes in and when I went over, I see that I overlooked cords from my blinds (they were hiding behind my curtains, darn it!). Roomba down. Not sure how in the world to untangle this mess and I am about 5 screws in so far. What a waste of $400. In all the time I spend prepping for the Roomba to run, I may as well run my own vacuum manually. DO NOT BUY. Too good to be true!!!


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