Residential Cleaning

24Apr 2017

Moving is one of the more stressful things in life that can really put a strain on your schedule. Whether you are moving into your dream home that is big enough for your whole family or downsizing after the kids have spread their wings. Exceptional cleaning can handle the aftermath of the chaos. You have […]

31Aug 2016

“Wow, you could eat off those floors.” Does the phrase above explain your tile floors at home? We didn’t think so… Tile floors are great because of their durability and relative ease of cleaning and upkeep. But it’s the grout between the tiles that you really have to worry about. Want to know how to clean […]

24Aug 2016

The famous author of the beloved “Dear Abby” column, Abigail Van Buren was known for her wise words of advice. In terms of raising children, Molly Maid completely agrees with something she once said, “If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.”Opinions about paying kids for […]

27Jul 2016

Carpet Provides a Number of Great Benefits for Homes   Adds Beauty and Style You can choose from many thousands of carpet styles and colors. That means your ultimate choice will reflect how you want to personalize your living space. Carpet can be a neutral foundation, or it can be a focal point with vibrant […]

21Jul 2016

  Vacuuming 101   Proper vacuuming is the easiest and most effective way to keep your carpet clean. Regular vacuuming can also have the largest impact on the air you breathe. To get the most out of your vacuuming regime, remember these few easy tips: A quick once-over doesn’t do much. Slow and steady does […]

07Jul 2016

So finally you’ve decided that you are going to try waxing the wood furniture in your home. What should you get, and where do you get it. When it comes to paste wax there are not that many choices available in a retail setting like your local big box store. I have personally only seen […]

30Jun 2016

Applying Paste Wax Many manufactures of furniture polishes and furniture care products always talk about wax build up. Some have even produced special products that eliminate wax build up. This is ridiculous because there is no such thing as wax build up. When you apply wax, you must remove approx. 99 percent of it when […]

23Jun 2016

      Paste wax is best used as a polish over an existing finish such as lacquer, varnish, shellac, polyurethane or even oil finishes. As mentioned, it will give you a little extra protection against scratches, but most modern finishes like polyurethane and newer lacquers and varnishes are very hard to begin with and […]

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