Construction can be exciting, when it starts. Your old kitchen or bathroom disappear in a matter of hours, then the hard part starts. Months later after countless delays and decisions your left with a rather dusty mess. Maybe in the contract you looked over the fine print where it said job will be broom swept.

Well a broom swept job is just that. Contractors are great at making messes and dream kitchens but leave something to be desired when it comes to cleaning up. That’s why you should always you the professional cleaning services of Exceptional Cleaning. Our maids have seen a thing or two when it comes to construction clean-ups. In fact we regularly clean for several contractors in the metro Atlanta area.

You can trust us to have the right equipment to detail clean your home from top to bottom. From the fans to the inside of your brand new saw dust filled cabinets. Just call Exceptional Cleaning at 678-887-4306 or visit us on the web @ from Alpharetta to Decatur our maids have you covered.


About Meagan Farley

Megan Farley is the owner and founder of Exceptional Cleaning. Megan lives in East Cobb.