What Makes “Green” Cleaners Environmentally Friendly?

Green CleaningIt seems like a simple question, but “green” cleaners are complicated. Some products are labeled “green” because they come in a recycled container, while the actual contents are similar to a standard cleaner. Other “green” cleaners aren’t truly cleaners in the classic sense, because they don’t have disinfectant abilities and therefore don’t kill harmful bacteria.

A true green cleaning solution requires the use of disinfectants, but within an environmentally friendly solution. Balancing disinfectants, like bleach, with products that don’t contain ammonia, petroleum, etc. is the Exceptional Cleaning green cleaning philosophy. We want to help you have a clean home and a clean conscience.

Exceptional Cleaning Green Cleaning Services

It’s your home, and we clean it your way. We recommend the use of disinfectant cleaners on a regular schedule. Some of our customers rotate disinfectants with “green” cleaning products. Sometimes we rotate disinfectants between rooms. Others use a concentration of both on a regular basis. And if you’d like, we can clean with all “green” products, all the time.

The key to our green house cleaning is our ability to meet your preferences. We’ll work with you to develop a process that benefits your home without harming the environment. Contact Exceptional Cleaning today to learn more about our green cleaning services and how we can help you keep your home clean, happy, and environmentally friendly!

About Meagan Farley

Megan Farley is the owner and founder of Exceptional Cleaning. Megan lives in East Cobb.