17Apr 2017

  Construction can be exciting, when it starts. Your old kitchen or bathroom disappear in a matter of hours, then the hard part starts. Months later after countless delays and decisions your left with a rather dusty mess. Maybe in the contract you looked over the fine print where it said job will be broom […]

05Oct 2016

OK, so how to get rid of spiders Most sources will tell you to start by sealing off all the cracks in basement walls and window casings. Fine, go ahead. It might be, though, that those cracks are where the spiders might hang out and thus be invisible to you, which is the same as […]

02Jun 2016

Decatur Where it’s Greater It’s been a long time since I have called Decatur home, 19 years as a matter of fact. Exceptional Cleaning has been based in East Cobb for nine years, and as hard as it was to say goodbye to the suburbs it is just as easy to say hello to an […]

22Apr 2016

Being a boutique cleaning company has its perks, one of them is that we can be very selective about who we hire to clean our clients homes. If you stop to think about it, it is the most personal service that anyone can have. There are people in every room of your house, cleaning almost […]