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07Jul 2016

So finally you’ve decided that you are going to try waxing the wood furniture in your home. What should you get, and where do you get it. When it comes to paste wax there are not that many choices available in a retail setting like your local big box store. I have personally only seen […]

30Jun 2016

Applying Paste Wax Many manufactures of furniture polishes and furniture care products always talk about wax build up. Some have even produced special products that eliminate wax build up. This is ridiculous because there is no such thing as wax build up. When you apply wax, you must remove approx. 99 percent of it when […]

23Jun 2016

      Paste wax is best used as a polish over an existing finish such as lacquer, varnish, shellac, polyurethane or even oil finishes. As mentioned, it will give you a little extra protection against scratches, but most modern finishes like polyurethane and newer lacquers and varnishes are very hard to begin with and […]

18Jun 2016

When you think about taking care of your wood furniture what do you think of? If you said paste wax you are right, not many people get that one right. This is something that isn’t talked about a lot in the cleaning bloguverse for reasons that escape me. Professional cleaners should know this and should […]

19Jan 2016

Kitchen Bacteria: Where to Find It Exceptional Cleaning | January 12, 2016 Kitchens are clean, right? You wouldn’t prepare all your food and snacks in a germy environment, so they must be sanitary. Unfortunately, much more bacteria linger in your kitchen than you would like to believe. From kitchen counters to dish rags, here are some […]

19Mar 2015
Spring Cleaning For Office

Exceptional Cleaning is a leader in residential and commercial cleaning in Atlanta. We thought we might share some tips on how to clean your office space. Did you know : the typical desk is capable of supporting up to 10 million bacteria – 400 times more germs than the average toilet seat! Spring Cleaning Tips […]

20Feb 2015
Spring Cleaning

We get several questions from customers about spring cleaning. Mostly, what’s the importance of spring cleaning; why should I do it? Spring is symbolic of many things. To many it’s the season of rebirth and new beginnings. It’s a time to come out of the hibernation of winter (literally, for some animals) and get back […]

25Jan 2015
Green Cleaning

What Makes “Green” Cleaners Environmentally Friendly? It seems like a simple question, but “green” cleaners are complicated. Some products are labeled “green” because they come in a recycled container, while the actual contents are similar to a standard cleaner. Other “green” cleaners aren’t truly cleaners in the classic sense, because they don’t have disinfectant abilities […]

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